How Each Day Is Lived

In my journey through Zechariah 7, I have learned that the outward signs of goodness are not keeping the formalities in religion like showing up to church or being a part of a certain group but in how each day is lived. Is there honesty in our dealings? Are we reliable and upright? Do we treat people with respect? Are we concerned about our neighbor; the widow or fatherless, those going through difficulty or sickness, and those who can’t support themselves? Are we generous in sharing with others and hoping good things happen to others because we see our neighbor as a member of our team?

God’s way is a meaningful contribution or service given to others. When there is a relationship between prayer and duty. The Word is consulted along with learning from those who explain, write, or teach it along with seeking direction from God through prayer. The proper steps are taken to developing a good plan that is dutifully carried out and success is the result. It is the result not only in the individual’s life but also in the lives of those with whom they consider a part of their team.

We don’t go to worship simply to look good outwardly but to honor God and spend some time with Him with the hope of receiving a message that inspires good in our actions and motivates us to share with others so all can benefit from His blessings.

Our gratitude for God’s love might be to find what it is that we can do to help others and take every opportunity to make it happen. Only a few may read the Bible day after day but many read our actions. Pastor Steve at my church said once that a church in motion is a place of infinite challenge, intense fellowship, passionate prayer, and strong outreach.

This day with God will be amazing because it is what we make happen for others that will be given back to us. Today I’m praying that we give a smile and that a smile is given back. That we act kind and kindness is given back to us from others.

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  1. Mark I really enjoyed this post, thanks


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