The Better Way

The author of Psalm 94 lived in a day when government promoted wrongdoing and persecuted the virtuous. He pleads with God for a settling of scores.

Think of all the negative enterprises today that prosper while they destroy the lives of people and their families like the ones that support drug addictions, gambling, and prostitution. A part of our culture even glorifies those enterprises while turning away from the positive enterprises that build up the lives of people and their families.

For the Psalmist in today’s reading, trusting in God is in the balance because the negative enterprises only prosper yet those that impact society in a positive way struggle. For the tide to turn, we must band together in the LORD. We must offer evidence of how God supports His people. Show people there is a better way; no more addictions, no more brokenness, no more ups and downs in life but evidence that a disciplined life of faith leads to repair, steadiness, and long term gain.

Are there examples in God’s Word were the virtuous eventually win. Think of current times and examples of people that are looked up to but then get involved in negative behavior. Examples may include political leaders that have been involved in scandals or athletes that find trouble off the field. The lesson today is that putting God first is the better way. Make it a part of your prayer today to put God first in your marriage, your family, career, ministry, and relationships.

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5 Responses to The Better Way

  1. Good post! As I was reading it I thought about the movement that led to prohibition. It was primarily organized by mothers who couldn’t care for their children because their husbands were spending their paychecks on drinking and gambling etc. As the experiment with prohibition proved, governments might make it harder or easier to sin, but only God can change hearts.


  2. Nizy says:

    Hello there, I nominated you for the Sunshine Blog Award! Here’s the link for instructions: Congratulations!


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