Imagine if We Were More Focused on God

Reading in Nehemiah 9:16-38, the pattern which historically characterizes the relationship between God and the Israelites is one where the Israelites break their end of the agreement; refusing to listen and failing to remember the miracles God had performed in the past. Then God would show compassion, mercy, and give instruction. The Israelites would become prosperous in spite of themselves until again their disobedience and rebellion resulted in being handed over to their enemies.

Even when God blessed the people, their kings, leaders, priests and fathers did not follow God’s law; not paying attention to His commands or the warnings He gave them. When the people did enjoy God’s great goodness, they didn’t serve God or turn from their ways. At the time of this writing, when there was abundant harvest it ended up going to those who God had placed to rule over them.

The Holy Spirit depicted as a dove, surrounded...

The Holy Spirit depicted as a dove, surrounded by angels, by Giaquinto, 1750s. (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

God’s principles never change. A daily devotional time internalizes His guiding principles becoming an instrument which pushes us to focus on Him in every activity throughout our day.  Ask yourself, what can I do to remind myself to think about God and talk to him more often throughout the day? Spend a few minutes in silence, putting away the cares and concerns and noise of the day. Listen for a plan from the Holy Spirit that will help you.

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