Not What You Say But What You Do – Matthew 21:23-46

My Pastor said once in a sermon that the way to be great is to have the right priorities and be a servant like Jesus. To apply the Word, recognize what is needed, and use your talents to help. For more inspiring points from sermons, visit this link: Sermon Podcast.

God’s word teaches in Matthew 21:23-46 about how the Pharisees talked a good talk but didn’t follow through with action; similar to our government leaders who pay attention to the politics of a situation rather than what needs to be done to help people. Jesus teaches about what’s really important; making a positive impact in the life of each individual.

One area that can impact people in a negative way is the economy. Businesses in a bad economy sometimes have to close and people lose jobs. This truly impacts families. The company I work for, Texas Farm Bureau Insurance has been able to withstand the recent economic downturn so far. They are even adding positions and continue to grow.

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Over the years, Texas Farm Bureau has supported various organizations like the American Cancer Society’s Relay for Life, United Way, and the American Heart Association. Good organizations make a tremendous impact on their communities. Sometimes you have to wonder though if the government tries to do too much. They just don’t have the experience or expertise to get involved in certain areas and systems are not in place to handle demand.

Texas Farm Bureau is an independent company and not a part of a government agency. It’s been around a long time developing specialized services to meet the needs of farmers and ranchers; expanding out to offer their services to all individuals of Texas who need home and auto insurance. They’ve gotten good at what they do over the years and continue to look at areas of the business they can improve.

Like a business that constantly looks for ways to improve, we can constantly look at ways to improve as a person. Today, I’m praying that I take action on what truly needs to be done and improve in my daily walk. I pray for courage to do the right thing even if it leads to criticism by some. This day with God will be amazing because there will be no need to hold back and God will remind me that love flows best when it flows freely.

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