Grace Brings Victory – Ezekiel 47

Christ Healing, by Rembrandt, 1649

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Things can be made right; inner peace, laughter, and no stress. Freedom is waiting and the healing begins when we fall on our knees knowing grace brings victory.

In Ezekiel 47, the waters flow from the Temple of God to provide food for the soul and healing. The waters signify the gospel of Christ which will spread far to nourish all that believe.  All need some Good News and reading blogs from fellow Christians is one tool that can accomplish this. If you read or watch the news, about 99% of what you hear is negative like crime, wrecks, fires, etc. but we don’t hear about the answered prayers.

We went through a drought in Texas last summer. It was so dry that fires would easily start if the wind got up; destroying homes, ranches, and livelihoods. Our church prayed for rain; for the farmers and ranchers who needed rain for their crops and livestock. God brought that healing rain and all of us at sometime in life will need God’s healing power.

Our mind and body are in constant need for healing. Videos that inspire, lift up, and provide positive food for the soul are ones that I value. Just like this one: Healing Begins – Tenth Avenue North.

This day with God, I’m making a mental list of people that need healing and asking God for his therapeutic power. May His Word provide food for the mind; His Son supply light for growth and health.

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