Expect God’s Presence All The Time – Ezekiel 44

This day will be amazing because God can be involved in every activity, every conversation, every problem, and even every thought. My Pastor, Steve Ramsdell said in a sermon message that God speaks in various ways – visions, dreams, life’s circumstances, and even through other people. Believe it or not and most of all, God speaks through the Bible.

The glory of God was a visible experience in Ezekiel 44. Is this Jesus in the appearance of a man who is leading Ezekiel on this tour? During Ezekiel’s time on earth, around 500 BC, the temple was the most efficient way to meet God but many were excluded because of the restrictions placed on this privilege of standing before Him. Because of Jesus, no one is excluded from this privilege.

We can let God lead us by praying without ceasing for help in our finances, interests, relationships, schedules, and troubles. We can expect God’s presence all the time.

Here is a piano piece link you can click to help you reflect: In The Garden: Norm Hastings, Piano. Think about your day and what to pray for. Spend some time talking to God in prayer. Put away the cares and concerns and noise of the day, listening for the Holy Spirit to give a plan of action as you make the most of this day with God.

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6 Responses to Expect God’s Presence All The Time – Ezekiel 44

  1. evanlaar1922 says:

    Thanks Mark – sign of a great person is when we find them in prayer – unceasingly



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  4. I actually have a tendency to agree with
    every aspect that ended up being authored within “Expect
    God’s Presence All The Time – Ezekiel 44 | This Day With God”.

    Thanks a lot for all the actual tips.Regards,Nola


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