Palm 88 – Going to God for Help

If God feels distant, envision a better future and go to Him in prayer. Apprehend that the trials we go through build spiritual muscle and character. Look forward to what God can do and get ready to grab the helping hand of His Spirit. The writer of Psalm 88 blames God’s judgment for his state of grief. He’s lost and writes that he is near the grave, without strength to go on, and in despair.

Weakness of faith leads to the state described by the psalmist in today’s reading but our faith gets stronger when we look to Jesus during grief to remember the sufferings he went through in order to redeem our souls.

The lesson for me in today’s reading is to build up our faith daily with Bible study and praise to God. Read a planned out passage, pray for help, write down thoughts from sermons, and view praise videos like at this link: Blessings – Laura Story or embedded below.


We need to believe God is beside us in everything we do; during household duties, on the job, at lunch time, and when driving in our car.  Faith will not only protect when life delivers its blows but will also help us recover at a faster pace so we are back on our feet and ready to meet challenges head on.

After reading Psalm 88, set some time aside for reflection. What lesson is God teaching? Think about what you may pray for. Is there a plan of action God is giving you? Then spend some time in prayer; believing God will help you plan your future and that things will fall into place for amazing days ahead with Him!

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2 Responses to Palm 88 – Going to God for Help

  1. Noel Williams says:

    Excellent thoughts Mark. I really appreciate the opportunity I have to read your words of wisdom. God bless.


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