Jeremiah 40

Passage Lookup

To what extent do the Chaldeans understand the cause of Jerusalem’s fall? How do they regard Jeremiah (See verse 2-5 with 39:12)? Contrast their regard for a prophet of God with Israel’s regard for God’s words.

A little hope seemed to be taking hold as Jeremiah was set free. He went to Mizpah which was a fertile countryside and a remnant of Judah started to grow crops and settle in.

But again bad days start to occur because of pride and revenge in the heart. The focus was not on God. Instead, the focus was on power and control rather than the love of God. A few bad individuals started a rebellion to take control.

Take a look at this video: Beauty of Mathematics. Working hard, knowledge, and attitude may get a society close to where they want to be but there is one thing that puts them over the top and that is the love of God.

A lesson for me in today’s passage is that I should pray each day for a new heart and mind that constantly believes that the love of God is what really matters; not individual pride or ambition. God loves you and my hope is that you will also pray for a heart and mind that loves God in return.

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