Jeremiah 39

Passage Lookup

Everything happens as Jeremiah had said. How is He rewarded? To
what extent do you trust God’s words before you have seen the results or

When one is there to help someone or lay down a path for others, the world is enriched because a way is provided that secures a better future for all.

In this passage, Jeremiah did what God told him to do and was eventually rewarded. Ebed-Melech helped Jeremiah in a time of need. All servants of God eventually are comforted and rewarded but those that do not trust in the Lord eventually suffer.

Pray that God continues to validate within you the beliefs that bring you to a deeper understanding of how to secure a rewarding future for yourself and those you help lead down the path of life.

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1 Response to Jeremiah 39

  1. Great thoughts. It’s so hard when the positive result of our obedience does not materialize immediately. We’re such a instant-gratification culture. Jeremiah is a great example of faithfulness, obedience and perseverance in the midst of very difficult circumstances. I guess that’s why we call it a “faith-journey.”

    Thanks for the link love!


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