Jeremiah 33

Passage Lookup

The miserable nation of Judah was in such a state it was being compared to wounds and sickness, the restoring of it to a peaceable prosperous state is fitly called its health and cure. In many ways, the health of a nation is very similar to the health of an individual.

A cheerful heart restores the mind and body and there is no better way to create this attitude of good spirits than by hearing about or reading the good news of God’s Word, accepting His kindness, and building faith by knowing Christ.  As pointed out in a sermon from my Pastor Wayne Williams one time, God’s invitation is not complex. Just accept God’s gift of abundant life through His Son. He came to give us rest. He invites us to share His joy. We can’t please everyone but we can please God.

My prayer is that God continues to validate within you the beliefs that lead to continued spiritual health. I’m praying that you are daily restored. Here is a thought that may help apply today’s passage: Our physical body will someday decline with age but by accepting Christ, our spiritual body continues to gain health as the everlasting kingdom of Christ governs in our soul.

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