Jeremiah 32

Passage Lookup

What is the historical setting of this chapter? To what extent is what God requires of his people an extension of his character (Verse 40-41)?

In this passage, Jeremiah prays to God about the situation they are in. He invested in a piece of land in Jerusalem even though it was being overtaken by the enemy. He had faith that Jerusalem would someday be restored and praises God much like the following video: God of Wonders.

List any videos you are reminded of and share with others so that it inspires them as they spend this day with God.

Invest today in God’s work even if it seems trivial because God can take the trivial and produce a huge return. The Lord of heaven is the fountain of all being, power, and life. He’s managing affairs so like Jeremiah, have great confidence in God.

Today, I’m praying for faith like Jeremiah; believing that God will be constant and steadfast in fulfilling His promises. Today I’m praying for persistence in working hard for the purpose God has given me; knowing the
reward will soon come.

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