Passage Lookup

Habakkuk 1:1-11 Question(s):

Habakkuk, probably a contemporary of Jeremiah, seeks an explanation of God’s justice toward Judah. What is the situation in Judah at this time? Why do you think Habakkuk questions God? Have you ever ask God the same question in looking at what goes on in today’s society? What has been His answer?

Food For thought:

The Challenges in life are inevitable and unpredictable, yet productive. It is during the hard times of life that we learn the most and this learning provides the foundation for a strong character and prepares for anything. –  Paraphrase from a point in sermon of Rev Steve Ramsdell


Sometimes we look at the world and have questions. We wonder why we often have to face discouragement. Think about what you might pray for today. It might be for your day ahead; for your family, church, and job but you may also set a moment aside for ideas on handling discouragement. Then pray for God’s guidance; talk to Him and listen to Him. 

Habakkuk 1:12-2:5 Question(s):

What other question does Habakkuk have? What is God’s answer?  What aspects of this answer are at the heart of God’s concern for you today?



Even though the Bible was written many years ago, its lessons can be used today. The more you read it and share with others, the more faith grows. Pray for walking by faith today. Give glory to God when His path leads to success and happiness.

Habakkuk 2:5-20 Question(s):

Which warnings can you apply to your society? What is your responsibility in righting such evils?

Food For Thought:

Integrity helps in time of trouble. It is like a compass that can be followed to lead in the right direction. The word of God planted in a soul with integrity is like seed planted in fertile soil that flourishes into a banner crop.


God warns against destructive elements that send people down the wrong path. Like a compass that leads one in the right direction, pray that you will lead others in the right direction by knowing the word of God and passing on to others thoughts or ideas that can help.

Habakkuk 3 Question(s):

How does Habakkuk draw on past history to build his confidence for the present? What is his attitude toward the future? Where does he find stability when the world around him is unproductive?


What Faith Can Do – Kutless


The bible tells us what God can do. Remember the Red Sea and Moses, Daniel and the lion’s den, and David and Goliath. Pray that God moves mountains for you today. Did you know that God made your brain so that every day it generates more electrical impulses than all the telephone wires, in the world, put together. Never stop believing God can help you make the impossible possible.

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2 Responses to Habakkuk

  1. Continue to ask questions and seek answers. The learning process takes patience but ultimately provides the foundation to building lives that provide constructive benefits to you and the world around you.

  2. Never stop believing that God can make things happen that shouldn’t. Let faith unlock the potential and empower you. Start with small things and God will multiply your effort so big things happen.

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