This Week’s Devotional


As I mentioned last week, My Bible study guide has me reading in the New Testament where I had left off a while back. The theme in last week’s reading was to put God first in everything you do. This same theme continues in John 14. Our most precious and valued possession; our greatest power is all found in one person. Knowing about Jesus is the number one priority


How do we keep our number one priority number one? Knowing how Christ lived is one way. For if we know how he lived, we have a good model to follow. No one said it would be easy. Jesus did many things even his own disciples didn’t understand. We may not understand everything but that’s where faith comes in.


Last week, I gave you the link to a website called I am second. These inspiring testimonials have a common theme. They all say “I Am Second” and God is first. It’s this theme we find throughout the bible as God’s people look forward to being led to better days ahead. We can all receive comfort from a quote of Billy Graham who said, “I’ve read the last page of the Bible, it’s all going to turn out all right”.


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 Thanks for letting me share about my journey this past week.





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