This Week’s Devotional


I was able to finish reading 2 Kings this week and my Bible study guide has me going back into John next week. I like the way the guide goes back and forth from Old to New Testament. It seems to have the readings in a sequence so you can see how they tie together. In 2 Kings 22, Josiah set out to repair the Temple and in the process his workers discovered the original bible. It had been sitting in the Temple for many years and never read or applied. Like many things, it has to be used for someone to get its full benefit. A bible with turned pages that has been read, studied and applied is a valuable resource for a successful life.


Just like the Temple of God which needed improvements, there’s probably some improvements we could all use in our life? But it takes discipline to root out the negatives and the Bible tells us it all begins by accepting the new-creating Spirit of Christ. As stated by Billy Graham, “being a Christian is more than just an instantaneous conversion – it is a daily process whereby you grow to be more and more like Christ”. As we go to God in prayer, we should ask Him for the discipline to improve each day.


As I read in 2 Kings 23, I noticed Judah was back on track. It had made a covenant with God to follow Him and keep His commands. But they lacked discipline and didn’t keep their promise. God became displeased and the downfall of Judah began in 2 Kings 25. Think of times you’ve kept your promises with yourself. Maybe it’s a goal you set or a new year’s resolution. Then think about the times you didn’t. When we pray, we should want God to search deep inside and let us know about areas we need to work on. There’s a video that inspires this discipline. Here’s the link: 2 minutes 51 seconds Search Me Lord by Gaither Vocal Band.     


It all begins with being truthful with ourselves and those around us. God can search our souls and eliminate what keeps us from being the best we can be. Wanting to be right, wanting to be safe, and wanting to be whole are good qualities to desire. There is a website with inspiring testimonials of people who put God first. Here is the link: I am second. It’s inspiring to hear from others who put themselves second right behind God; people who put God as the center of their attention. We can all praise God for role models to follow; who inspire with their stories and make it easier to understand.


Here is the link to the photos for 2 Kings. Next week, I start back in the book of John. Thanks for letting me share with you this week.  





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