The Word of God

I’ve been sharing over the last few weekend’s on the core value of physical and mental health. Today I’d like to start laying out some strategies to build up this core value. There are various ways including getting help from family and friends or attitude and discipline but today I’d like to start with the Word of God.

The Word of God can brighten a day; providing lessons for the mind and food for the soul. These are two necessary elements in a healthy life that relieves stress and provides inner peace. In this world there will be trouble but we can take heart because there is comfort and value in Christ’s sufferings. We can lay our burdens down at the foot of the cross; access God’s power through prayer and His Word.

As I entered middle aged, my age started to show around my middle. The physical body became harder to maintain but with Jesus the Spiritual body remains connected to the nutritious vine that provides spiritual fitness forever. Those that believe in Jesus receive the water of the Spirit which flows from Him to bring stress free composure and inner peace in the present; making possible fitness and survival in difficulty.

Moses and Aaron did something great by getting water from a rock. The only problem is that there’s always the next thing. Once we do something amazing, there’s always a letdown but if we give all the credit to God, life is lived with staying power and meaning.
I remember an email I received from a friend that gave this strategy for keeping the momentum going and having a bright outlook. Every time you see a penny, look at the inscription “In God We Trust”. Let it be a message from God to not worry but trust in Him. The formula to a happy life now and into the future is (1 cross + 3 nails = 4 given).

Mistrust and anxiety are foes to good health but faith can rescue you from them because of God’s love through Christ and a hope for a bright future. When the snake bites in life, there’s one antidote that stops the poison and that is acceptance of Christ as Savior.

Worry is worthless but discovering the treasures of heaven is priceless. Believe that you have a purpose and achieve that which God has in store for you. The Bible gives us a set of rules. Following these rules brings peace of mind and eternal rewards. Not following brings on stress, chaos, and destruction.

With technology today, we can stay connected to the Word of God at all times and at all places. One way, I use technology to stay connected is using an on-line Bible. At this link is the 23rd Psalm which helps with worries. You can also listen to the Bible as you walk or workout. At this link is the 23rd Psalm in audio.

I submit to you today that the best vitamin or performance enhancer is the Word of God. The Word like adrenalin can start in motion the chemicals found naturally in the body to work. Giving you exactly what you need to increase your performance. Next weekend, I’ll continue with some other strategies for better physical and mental health which includes getting help from family, friends, and prayer.

An interest I’ve had for some time now is on ideas or strategies that might help build up families and neighborhoods. Someday, I hope to put these together in a book and call it “Neighbors United”. Another interest I have is in searching for ways to build up the economy. If I were to write a book about this, I would title it “Step Ahead”. I recently set up a facebook page that includes all three of my interests into one place. The page is called “This Day with God – Neighbors United – Step Ahead”. I’m currently in the process of liking other facebook pages that share my interest so I can learn and grow together with them. You can connect with this new page by liking it at this link.

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6 Responses to The Word of God

  1. Lyn Leahz says:

    Great post and thanks for the link back! God bless you!

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