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Nahum 3

Passage Lookup     Question(s): What basic principles for the God-man relationship do you observe in Nahum’s writing? What are the consequences for ignoring these principles? Video: Nothing Else – Matthew West  Application:   God is patient for all to know … Continue reading

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Nahum 2

Passage Lookup     Question(s): What happens to Neneveh’s wealth? Her prowess? What effect does this action of God have on the people of Nineveh? Photo: If you pursue Godly wisdom, you will be more likely to know whose side to be … Continue reading

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Nahum 1

Passage Lookup     Question(s): Describe the enemy. Why are they God’s enemy? What characterizes an enemy of God today? Food For Thought: The little things like little bad habits can cut us down as we run for the touchdowns in life. … Continue reading

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