Endure Distress and God Will Bless

And call on me in the day of trouble; I will deliver you, and you will honor me. – Psalm 50:15

David faced some tough times as discussed in “Take Hold of What the Day May Bring” but in tough times, we can keep thinking about how God loves us and has a plan for us.

Endure distress and God will bless.

Set out with a new perspective today with inspiration from the song Lion by Elevation Worship (Feat. Chris Brown & Brandon Lake. Make this song your battle cry as you take on the challenges of this day and know that God will bring you through. You can overcome the difficult experience, have faith it will get better, and be lifted to new heights.

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3 Responses to Endure Distress and God Will Bless

  1. Amen! It is through our suffering that we learn to trust Jesus.

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  2. First time I’ve heard this song. Awesome!


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