The Help to Finish Victoriously

We live in a fast paced world and sometimes integrity is superseded by the desire to finish first. The first to release the story, the new idea, or concept even without proper vetting or going through proper testing. This day with God, let us finish first because we accept Jesus as the anchor of our relay team. By accepting Jesus, there is grace, the Holy Spirit, and the power to finish victoriously. 

From our previous study along the journey, we remember that Absalom came back to Jerusalem and was reunited with David his father. He had been banished after killing his brother. After some time, Absalom set out to become first or climb the ladder so to speak. He set out to take more of a leadership role within Israel. We read in 2 Samuel 15 that he tells David about his desire to go to Hebron. He said he had spiritual reasons for going to Hebron as he had made a vow with the Lord to worship in Hebron (v. 8).

David agreed to let Absalom go to Hebron but we find out that Absalom had ulterior motives as he conspired to become king of Hebron. He tricked a group of about two hundred men from Jerusalem to come with him to Hebron as guest. They had no idea what Absalom had up his sleeve. This day with God, let us pray for leaders with decency and respect. Let us be aware of those that may seem to have ulterior motives who manipulate for personal gain.

David caught wind of the conspiracy so he fled the city along with his officials and household. They also carried the ark with them. Once all the people finished passing the city (v.24), David ask that the priest and the ark be sent back to Jerusalem (v25). His reasoning was that everything should be in the Lord’s hands. David said that if the Lord wants to bring him back as king, then it would happen. If not, then so be it.

David then meets Hushai who was his confidant on the top of the Mount of Olives (v. 32). He tells Hushai to go back and tell Absalom that he would serve him. The plan was that Hushai would disrupt Absalom’s schemes as he advised Absalom and coordinate a spying operation against Absalom.

God, we pray that our life plan has integrity and that we are aligned with Your plan. We need Your help and we have to admit it that Jesus is the only way to fix it. Thank You for providing the help to finish victoriously. For grace, the Holy Spirit, and the power to get closer to the finish line. We are thankful that Your Son is the Anchor on the relay and we pray today in His name … Amen.

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  1. What a powerful story. Thanks for this: “By accepting Jesus, there is grace, the Holy Spirit, and the power to finish victoriously.” Celebrating our victory in Jesus.


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