Looking Back at Psalms for Encouragement on the Journey Ahead

Over the last month, the journey has taken me through Psalms 42-51. On many occasions, the psalmist was discouraged, depressed or felt cut off from God. The Psalms give encouragement during these times. Below, is food for thought gained from these group of Psalms that provide encouragement on the journey ahead!

There may be discouragement and you may feel down at times. You may feel that there is no way out of a situation but you must keep hoping for better days ahead. You may be running this race called life and need that something extra to replenish your thirst.

To get over discouragement, be replenished by thinking about the greatness of God. Sometimes, an inspirational song or a good memory can switch your thinking and bring a change in your outlook. All it takes is one thought or idea for a breakthrough in your life.

God can satisfy your thirst with a never ending spring of water. All who accept Christ as Savior receive grace. Like the flow of this never ending spring of water, His grace keeps flowing and washes out the negative past.  

The Spirit of God lives inside and you are the temple of God where the Holy Spirit lives. This day with God, celebrate the victory of Christ and be clothed with virtues that can be used throughout a lifetime and beyond. You can then step ahead with discipline and seek the truth of God by following Jesus who demonstrates these positive steps to victory throughout the Gospel.

Things in this world can shake you up and fear can hold you back but you can walk through any fire with Godspeed and not get burned. Your trust in God is a big plus for He is with you so you have poise under pressure. You can let go, hand the crisis over, and know that He will do the work to get you through.

The currency of the Kingdom of God is grace. He’s an awesome King over all the nations of the world. He protects, knows what is best for you, and gives you the Holy Spirit to reign in your heart. He’s interested not only in your future but the future of generations to come so that the road to success continues.

The Lord protects and watches over you. He has great things planned for you but there is a responsibility for forming good character by having faith in His Word, hope in His church, and to accept His love through Christ.

The psalmist’s confidence is not in riches or wealth but in the understanding of God’s Way. That you should spend your time on building up spiritual treasures and sharing your faith with others rather than spending all your time making money or gaining worldly wealth.

Bible Study is similar to an athletic workout; helping those participating to step ahead with faith and passing this faith on to others. With unstoppable hope, apply your faith and build the winning tradition of accepting the love of God in Christ.

You can seize each day and keep pace with grace by being renewed day by day. Take the opportunity God gives through Jesus Christ to change the course of life. To run the race with service and worship towards the finish line.

Do away with a negative past that controls you and keeps you at a low point. Instead, desire to empty that from your mind by knowing Christ died for all the negatives in the past that weigh you down.

Pray that anything that is weighing you down be lifted off your shoulders so you can get to a higher plane. A higher place where your dominant aspirations are to empty worldly desires so you can replace them with godly desires that get you to a new level of faith, hope, and love.

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2 Responses to Looking Back at Psalms for Encouragement on the Journey Ahead

  1. Amen!

    “To get over discouragement, be replenished by thinking about the greatness of God.”


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