Renewed Day by Day

Hope brings light in darkness like the gleaming rays of a morning sunrise to cheer us on in faith; giving assurance of a brighter day ahead.

Today, we are reading Job 11. Another friend of Job named Zophar assumes that Job is suffering because he has sinned, has disrespected God, and is a complainer. He seems to have a stake in God’s answer because he questions Job and wishes that God would speak against Job so he would be exonerated for his accusations.

Zophar talks about worldly wisdom or common sense that comes with experience. He gives some good advice but like the other friends of Job doesn’t know the reason for the Job’s suffering. Zophar sees Job’s suffering as punishment.

The best advice we can get is in our prayers to God who knows and sees everything. Even in hard times, we can have joy because of our supernatural God. We can examine our hopes and dreams and let God take them to a level that we never dreamed of. Let each new day give us renewal and His Word provide the food needed for spiritual health.

The effects of setting our heart aright each day with God include hope, optimism, and courage.  In humbly accepting God’s love for us, our heart is set aright. Like the sun rising, the Light dawns as we emerge from darkness into a brighter future. The Holy Spirit reminds us that God is with us and we have the courage to face our challenges.

 The hope of the righteous provides rest and renewal but the hope of the wicked grows weary and fades away. Never get down but remember what Jesus went through on the cross. Remember many things people have gone through but came out stronger on the other side. Know that God is big enough to intercede. To handle our laments so our faith is restored as we become even stronger than before as God works through our dark times.

This day with You Lord, our soul is being renewed day by day. You are our defense against wickedness and are working in us to build our confidence. The outcome of our hope will be beyond what could be imagined cheering us on in faith. We are assured of brighter days ahead because of Your love for us … In Jesus name. Amen.

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  1. This is it! “The best advice we can get is in our prayers to God who knows and sees everything.”


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