The Power of Faith

Today’s poem is about Jesus’ control and authority. Today we are anchored to the power of faith that is able to handle impossible situations with courage, steadfastness, and the strength to bear adversity.

Step Ahead

The impossible 
Becomes possible
Because of the Father;
The Good News Author.

He gives a command 
And physics is in hand
Controlling life or death
And every breath.

For everything important,
Time is shortened
And you are supported
As power is transported.

Giving composure
To make things cozier
And in control
Of any toll.

For the foe is deceived
Since power is received
And it is all done
By accepting the Son.

Poem by Mark Shields – © 03-24-2022
Inspired by “The Power of Faith”
Photo – Bing Images
Thought - As you learn of Jesus’ control and authority, you become anchored to the principle of faith. You gain power to handle any situation because there is courage, steadfastness, and the strength to bear adversity.
Music – Take inspiration from the song The Same Power by Jeremy Camp and know that God is big enough to help us…

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