Encouragement for the Challenges

Christians call each other sister and brother because there is a family relationship. The purpose of this poem is to create teamwork so believers apply faith. Christians are related by the Spirit which flows through each of them and joins them to the good works of God.

Step Ahead

Working together 
For God’s mission 
As family
With ambition.

Brothers and sisters,
Bound together 
By the Spirit 
That joins forever.

Accepting that Jesus
Is Lord and Savior
As we step ahead
With blessed favor.

There for each other,
That’s the theme
As we work as a team
And live out the dream.

Maintaining devotion,
Praises we shout
And live out our faith
To remove any doubt.

Poem by Mark Shields – © 02-10-2022
Inspired by “Encouragement for the Challenges”
Music - As the song Blessings by Laura Story inspires, the trials of life may be God’s mercies in disguise because it is during the trials that we find out He is with us. 

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