Secret Purpose

“…let us know His secret purpose.  This was what God wanted, and He planned to do it through Christ.  His goal was to carry out His plan, when the right time came, that all things in heaven and on earth would be joined together in Christ as the head.Ephesians 1:9-11

Within the post “Roadmap to Victory”, we are given examples of how victories were gained. The greatest attribute of those that gained victories was that they let God lead them. This is His secret purpose or God’s plan for us

Here is a video about letting God lead you to victory: Lead Me On by Amy Grant. Pay special attention to the following lyrics within the song:

Lead me on 
Lead me on
To a place where the river runs
Into your keeping
Lead me on
Lead me on
The awaited deliverance
Comforts the seeking, lead on.

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1 Response to Secret Purpose

  1. So thankful that God has a plan. That is some very good news. Thanks for the morning encouragement.


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