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This day with God will be amazing because as we read Deuteronomy 18-19, precepts of God’s Word will result in amazing insight into how best a society might function. Think about it, all the laws are formed from the Ten Commandments and He loves order so that’s why He has a plan for us.

He sets things up with priorities, with order in how neighbors should treat each other, and protects people with just laws. To create order, the Levites were set aside for God like the firstborn. They were to serve God by carrying out the functions of the temple, teaching His law, and giving guidance. They had no allotment or inheritance but lived on the offerings received.

The best way to learn is from each other so God sends us spiritual leaders to guide us. He reveals Himself through a prophet like Moses and then most assuredly through Jesus so that the principles of living the way He instructs are understood. A prophet’s message was in accordance with God’s Word and prophecy must come true else the person would be considered a false prophet.

Certain provisions were established to secure justice. Cities of refuge would be set up to protect those accused of a crime. This sounds like the establishment of the idea “innocent until proven guilty”. Matters of law breaking would be investigated, testimony would be given, and witnesses would be heard. After being found guilty, punishment would be stringent and carried out to deter anyone from criminal behavior.

This day with You Lord, we are grateful for the plan You have given us. Your precepts never let us down and Your Word is essential. Your Way provides justice and order in our world and because of Jesus, there is grace and we have a model to follow as we apply these precepts. Amen.

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  1. So glad God has a plan for us. Thanks for the insight and inspiration this morning.


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