Sticking To It

This day with God, let us take in more of the Word as we focus in on Mark 6:1-13. Jesus had performed so many miracles in Capernaum; calming the sea, healing people, bringing people back to life but when He was in His hometown, the people were skeptical. They always knew Him as just an ordinary young man. A local carpenter and Mary’s son who was not highly educated. They knew his brothers James, Joseph, Judas and Simon who were ordinary people. They also knew his sisters who took offense at him (v. 3).

The hometown people had limited the power of Jesus because of their prejudged attitude toward Him. Then Jesus left His hometown and went to the surrounding villages. He started sending out the disciples. They didn’t have much; no food, money, or even a place to stay as they set out on their journey. They were just given the power from God which was all they needed to do amazing work for the mission.

To accomplish anything along this journey called life, it’s not always about ability but more about reliability in getting out there, going for it, and sticking to it. If we have something amazing like we do in the Good News from the gospel, there is no need to interfere. Just highlight what’s amazing and keep it simple.

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This day, we’ve studied about Jesus while He was in His hometown. The local folks knew of His modest upbringing and could not believe He could be a Savior. Jesus took action by going to other places and getting help from His disciples. 

This day with You God, we face setbacks like we learned from today’s passage. There are times that we feel down but we must keep pressing on. We are a part of Your team and have been given authority as disciples to go out two by two sharing our faith. Our greatest asset is Your liberating power received by accepting Jesus Christ as Savior; greater than education or money. We pray that we keep doing what is right and surround ourselves with people that sharpen us. People that spur us on along the journey knowing that You will provide for our needs. Amen.

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