Alleviate Doubt by Reaching Out

We are setting out this day with God to explore, dream, and discover as we read the Word. As we read Numbers 13, we will alleviate doubt by reaching out. Just like those sent to explore Canaan, we are exploring God’s Word in order to report back what we see.

The men were to seek information on the land. If it was good or bad for producing crops. They were to take a look at the towns to see if they were walled and fortified. Also, they were to study the people to see if they would be able to put up a fight and be difficult to overtake. 

The purpose was to report back what they had seen but not to make the decision. They reported back that the land did flow with milk and honey but the people were big and strong. Their towns are walled and fortified and would be hard to overtake. The mission before the Israelites seemed impossible but with God, all things are possible.

The takeaway is not to overthink or it will bring up doubt. Instead, step ahead each day in faith knowing God is bigger than the giants of life that want to block us. .  If we don’t explore and get away from the comfort zone, we will be disappointed by the things we did not do.

Today, our giants in life may include financial, health, and relationship issues. God has provide abundance and is big enough to get us through anything. We need to take care to be a good stewards of His resources and take every opportunity to point out how He can help us to flourish.

My daughter goes to college at Abilene Christian University which is about a three hour drive northwest of Waco Texas. When we go out to Abilene which is the hub of the 19-county area of Texas known as “The Big Country”, it amazes me how much open land is between Waco and Abilene. It’s mainly land for livestock and the years when the rain is plentiful, you go for miles and miles and just see plush green grass for the livestock. There is so much grass that the livestock can’t eat it all so some is cut for hay to be used as food in the winter.

This day with You God it will be amazing because You are big enough to make the impossible possible. A little bit of faith will go a long way because what is difficult for us is easy for You. Today, we will alleviate doubt by doing the simple things and reaching out to You to do the amazing things.  Amen.

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