Setting Out Along the Journey

This day with God will be amazing because we will take another step towards our destination as we explore, dream, and discover new ways to apply God’s Word. Today, we are reading in Numbers 10.

The Israelites had been freed from Egypt and were now in the desert on the way to the Promised Land. Trumpets were used to communicate the action to take. When they sounded, the people knew it was time to either assemble together or to set out on their journey to the Promised Land.

The Israelites knew where to go by the guidance of the Lord through Moses. When the cloud lifted, it was time to set out. The starting point was the Desert of Sinai and the destination of the first move was wherever the cloud came to rest in the Desert of Paran.

The Israelites had become complacent living in the same place but as they set out into the desert, they would face difficulties. Many began to oppose Moses and resisted God’s guidance so this mistrust brought out the worst in them. They wandered in the desert for 38 years before they reached the Promised Land.

The take away for us in this passage is the need to get away from the comfort zone.To trust God even when we can’t see ahead. To explore, dream, and discover new ways to be all He made us to be. To begin each day’s journey with prayer. To listen and pay attention because details to plans may emerge from reading the Bible, from acquaintances, or personal experiences. They may come quietly in the morning, in a conversation, or in the memory of a past victory years ago.

This day with You Lord, prompt us to get going. Give us initiative so we refuse not to move but are ready to take the first step. To be confident in You guiding our steps even to places we may not want to go. We worry about so much on our life journey but all that matters is doing our best and trusting You. Lord today, we know we can trust in You to take us to places beyond what we could have imagined. Amen.

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