Journey of Faith

Peace comes by God’s acceptance; knowing that we belong because we have a faith that continues to grow strong. Reading today in Hebrews 11:1-12, faith and hope are connected by Jesus Christ.

As we obediently step ahead on this life journey by faith, God will work out the details that prove to our minds what the eyes can’t see and the result is mission accomplished just like the examples mentioned in this passage.

Noah was told of impending flood and had faith to take action on a mission of building an ark to save his family. People around him thought he was strange and he experienced rejection. Abraham went to an unfamiliar land leaving friends and family not knowing when God would fulfill His promises. Sarah was never able to have children yet was told she would have a son in her old age and as a result the whole Jewish nation is the product of a miracle birth.

Faith gives strength and courage to keep us going when times are tough. We think we have it tough today but the early Christians really had it tough. The picture below was taken on a trip I took to Europe after graduating from college. The coliseum in Rome is thought by many to be a site of the martyrdom of large numbers of believers during the persecution of Christians in the Roman Empire.

This day with You Lord, we have faith in Your promises. Faith on Sunday will pull us through on Monday so we can step ahead into each day of the week. With faith in Your promises, what we thought to be impossible becomes possible. We see a great future and are building momentum by envisioning the possibilities. This hope keeps us looking forward to what You will do in the future. Amen

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