Overcome with Desire and Enthusiasm

We were all born with a lethal disease called original sin. Ever since Adam and Eve, humanity has faced this terminal disease and the results are all around us. The consequences are hate, divorce, lying, stealing, murder, etc. but because of Jesus who became our high priest, God is with us and for us offering a cure for this lethal disease.

Explained in Hebrews 4:14 through 5:1-14 is that a priest is selected to represent the people in matters related to God. As the great high priest, Jesus interceded for us and suffered on the cross as the ultimate sacrifice for sin. Those who accept Him as the Son of God receive mercy, find grace, and gain eternal life.

Before Jesus, a person could not come directly into God’s presence but the qualifications of Jesus enable us to go boldly and ask for God’s assistance. Jesus knew about having to suffer on the cross but continued with His desire to maintain obedience to the purpose for which God had given Him and finish the mission.  If you desire this unmerited favor, simply accept Christ as the author of eternal salvation. 

The Hebrews basic problem as explained in today’s passage is that they were not willing to put in the effort to understand the truth of God’s word. They remained immature in the Way and constantly faced difficulty because they could not distinguish between what was good and what was evil. In many ways, we face the same problem in current times. There is a lack of enthusiasm towards the goodness, sweetness, and excellence found in the gospel message.

What can we do about this problem? One small thing can lead to something big. Simply saying grace before dinner can lead to bigger things. We can change today and make it a priority. We can be thankful and look forward to taking in not only food for our physical bodies but also food for the soul. We can take in what is good for us with ease, readiness, and cheerfulness so that it ultimately begins to overflow in our daily actions.

The picture below is my dog Marlee. She is ready each day to get up early for her food. This picture taken was her way to tell us she was ready to be fed as she hopped up on the chair next to the dinner table. We should be ready each day just like Marlee to come to the table and receive our food for the soul.

Lord, each day is an adventure because we have a mission or purpose. Like excitement of planning a vacation destination, reading the Bible also provides excitement as we daily read Your word and journey through life. A thought or idea you give us can lead to something big. An activity may seem like something small like daily saying a prayer before dinner but the activity can lead to something big because of Your power. Amen.

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