Rock Solid Over Time

God is like a mountain standing rock solid over time and protecting us in our time of need. We can take courage, for God is there for us. Today, we continue to take a look at His word in Hebrews 2:14-18 as we seek guidance in how we should live out our purpose. A few questions to stir up our thoughts are why did Christ become a man and why did He have to suffer and die on the cross?

In reading today’s passage, we come to the conclusion that Christ became a man so He could identify with humanity and be able to help those who are tempted because He was tempted. By His sacrifice, he breaks the power of the devil who held control over death (v. 14).

We can take courage because we are free from bondage, fear, and death. We can step ahead in faith to do more than ever imagined because the things that cause harm to us no longer have power over us. In love, we can offer grace and be a courageous hero in making known the Truth to others.

Christ leads us by example and this inspires us to be anchored to His way as believers who are empowered to face the storms of life so we can live out our purpose with courage. We can take on our fears head on by facing them one by one with patience because His mystery will work things out in His precious time.

This day with You Lord, we come to You in prayer believing in Your power and guidance. We are empowered to be bold enough so we get out there even under stress or facing those who are against us. We can count on You even when afraid, discouraged, or tempted. We are confident that we can make an impact because the indwelling Spirit is stirring in us a courageous vision for making what we once thought impossible, possible! Amen

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