Finish the Race as Champion

Reading in Hebrews 2:5-13, God created us for the high destiny of being a steward of His Creation. Our life goal should be to live it to glorify Him. God became flesh as Jesus Christ in order to free us from the bondage of sin. He has been through what we go through here on earth and He can relate to the human difficulties faced.

Jesus died for the sins of humanity and this gives us courage because we are released from the bondage of death. We can actually look at death as a time of celebration because we have finished the race on earth and have qualified for the next race in which we will fulfill our eternal destiny.

Our relationship to Christ affects our daily living. God’s Plan for Us always brings victory in our life if we let Him in so let His power work today to bring hope to the future. There may be times along the journey that we may feel that we’ve lost our edge but we can find it back if we go to God in prayer and ask for help.

This day with You Lord will be amazing because we have been given the liberty to fulfill our destiny. We are freed from things like fear, lack of focus, and despair. Today is a new day in which we follow Christ to victory and invite others to join the team so they can see how powerful the Good News can be in the life of those who follow Him. Amen.

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