Covered Like a Blanket of Snow

Reading in Leviticus 15, regulations were given to Moses concerning cleanliness. God is concerned with every detail of our life. His standards for purity are very high so atonement is necessary for all because everyone alive comes in contact with things that are unclean.

Since our bodies are the dwelling place of God and His Spirit lives inside, an unclean man or woman defiles God’s tabernacle. Discharge of bodily fluids from illness like the Flu or cold can infect everything a person touches because germs are passed so washing hands or using hand sanitizer is a necessity.

The world became a broken place with the sin of Adam and Eve. No one alive is perfect and the best way to fill the gap is to humbly accept the truth of Christ. To no longer be bound by sin and darkness but living in the light of goodness. His work on the Cross covers sin like a blanket of snow.

Snow in Waco 2-4-11

This day with You Lord, we accept the fact that because of sin, we all face sickness, hardship, and chaos. We must be honest with ourselves but want to know where we fall short and what we need to do. This day with You will be amazing because just like a blanket of snow that covers the rough spots, Your grace covers the rough spots in life to smooth out a path to our future. Amen

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