This day with God will be amazing as we read Leviticus 14 about the ritual for restoration of the cleansed leper to the community which is similar to that for installation of the priests. An animal was slaughtered for atonement of sins as fluids like water, oil, and blood were also used to consecrate the altar.

Leprosy could only be taken care of by blood and sin can only be covered by the blood of Christ. Today, we are mindful that Jesus came to earth to save the lost. Relationships are restored by being saved by the Cross.

Our obligation is to confess sin and accept God’s plan for us. Because of Christ’s blood given as a token for the forgiveness of sin, we are compelled to tell others about the healing rain from heaven that cleanses the soul.

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Lord this day, we know about the past and we are aware of the present but the future is in in Your hands. You are the ONE we trust … the ONE who first loved us and the ONE who guides us and provides for us. Through the risen Christ, everything changes and the Holy Spirit is forever present to constantly recreate us so we are prepared for each challenge faced. Amen


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