Grace Heals

As we are read Leviticus 13, instructions are given for priests making a diagnoses on a defiling skin disease like leprosy. As long as a person had the disease, they had to be cut off from others in case it was a contagious disease. Also, any clothing, material, or item that showed signs of mold or that could cause a skin disease to spread had to be washed, isolated, monitored, or burned if necessary.

During the time of Moses, the plight of a leper was usually death. There was no medication to alleviate the disease but in current times, there are medications to clear up the disease and it is a rare disease mostly in poor countries with only around 200,000 cases worldwide.

In Matthew 8:1-4, Jesus healed a man with leprosy demonstrating divine power to heal diseases and crowds would flock to be in the presence of Jesus. He was all about service to handle unique problems people had during that time.

Today, we still need miracles. Have you made a phone call recently to get help with a question you have on a bill or a product you just bought? Most companies have gone to a menu procedure like dial one for billing questions, two for technical support, etc. Most of the time, when we make a phone call to a company for help, we want to talk to a real person; not some automated system. Many issues are unique and not listed as a part of the numbers to call.

With Jesus, we have a personal friend to work out our unique problem. He’s not looking for perfect people. Worthiness is built upon grace as we accept His mercy and like an ever flowing river, His grace heals and sets us free.

Photo taken 06/04/2018 – Water Fall at Garvan Woodland Gardens near Hot Springs Arkansas.

Lord, You accept and affirm all who believe. We strive for the same accuracy when judging others by following directions, taking our time, and making the best decision we can with the facts and experience we have. We may differ as individuals in our convictions or practice but there is one common thread that binds; the healing power of grace and the Holy Spirit directing our steps. Amen.

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