Road to Somewhere

The purpose for the ritual described in Leviticus 8 is to consecrate Aaron and his sons as priests. The whole community witnessed the ceremony where an animal was slaughtered for atonement of sins. Fluids like water, oil, and blood were also used to consecrate the altar.

The purpose for Christ being crucified was to consecrate all Christians for the purpose of ministry. Christ had all the power available but divested it to the twelve disciples and then to us all as believers to share the gospel message because the message is more important than the messenger.

So followers of Christ have been consecrated just like the priest in today’s passage and the qualities expected include following the prompting of the Holy Spirit. Sometimes we are going full steam ahead in life pursuing things with little meaning but when we are going after and sharing God’s plan for us, we have a mission that makes a big impact.

Lord, we are not going down the road to nowhere. We have chosen to go down the straight and narrow path that leads somewhere. We thank You for the opportunity to accomplish the mission You have given. By accepting your plan and purpose for our life, we are confident that we will make it to the finish line victorious. Amen.


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