Make the Choice of Truth

Explore, dream, and discover or you will be disappointed by the things you did not do. Get away from the comfort zone and sail away with gusto! Today’s passage Leviticus 5 certainly gets us away from the comfort zone.

God’s attitude toward a witness who hides their knowledge of wrongdoing is that they have sinned. They must make atonement for their sin by bringing to the Lord a female lamb or goat as a sin offering. The thought for many in holding others accountable to wrongdoing is to look the other way but the Lord’s way is to hold us accountable; for us to have the opportunity to confess and receive forgiveness.

For forgiveness to happen during the time of today’s passage, there had to be atonement. A female lamb or goat was brought to the priest, the animal was sacrificed, and the blood was sprinkled on the altar. There were provisions made for those who could not afford a lamb or goat. Two doves or two pigeons could be offered. For the poor, a tenth of an ephah (about 3.5 pounds) of finest flour could be offered.

During the time of the writing of this passage, the way to salvation was doing something for forgiveness but we can be grateful that God’s way of forgiveness has now been done for us. There is nothing a person can do to obtain salvation but accept what Christ accomplished on the Cross.

This day with You Lord, we are grateful for what has been accomplished on the Cross. Your way of salvation only requires a first step. When we take the first step toward the choice of Truth, grace covers the past. Then we follow Jesus and take a second step along the path as Your Word guides and Your favor keeps us in the light. Amen.

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