Treasure that Last Forever

In 1 Timothy 6, Paul gives the characteristics of false teachers which include envy, strife, malicious talk, and controversies. Their motives are for their own gain of power and money. Their teachings result in minds deprived of the truth and their religion is a means to personal financial gain.

The motive for a Christian differs from false teachers in that it is for the long term which supports characteristics like righteousness, godliness, faith, love, endurance, and gentleness. The aim is for goodwill, harmony, and encouragement with a high value put on each individual. The sharing of truth for the benefit of all.

Daily study of Scripture is very important since the things of God are what truly satisfies the soul for eternity. We spend so much of our time accumulating money and the things it will buy during our lifetime. Money in itself is not bad but if the pursuit of money is our chief aim in life, then we miss out on what is most important. The reward is not worldly gain but a treasure that last forever.

This day with You Lord will be amazing because we are accumulating a treasure that last forever.  We seek You every day and in You we believe. We are thankful for Your provision; grateful for all we receive. We are content with what You provide in Your Word and the opportunity to share with others this treasure. Amen.

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