Ripple Affect

During the time of writing 1 Timothy 5:1-16, widows and elders were vulnerable in society. There was no social security, no life insurance, and jobs did not provide pensions or 401k funds. Many elders or widows could not support themselves.

Paul gives practical good common sense advice for helping widows and elders. Family members should offer help first and then the church can be there to support if needed. In return for the churches help, many widows or elders would give valuable service to the church.

This advice given by Paul in today’s passage is applicable today. One act of kindness produces a ripple effect as the power of the Holy Spirit keeps on affecting a society. Those in need receive and more begin to believe because they join in on the help to make society better.

Like ripples in the water, acts of kindness may seem small at first but eventually makes an impact in the world around you.

Lord this day, we ask for good thoughts and ideas for helping those in need like elders or widows. The person in need may be a relative or a neighbor. Help us to revere our parents, be charitable, show compassion for those in need, and respect the aged. Like ripples on the water, the things we do may seem small but will have a big impact on others. Amen


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