Purpose of the Church

This day with God as we read 1 Timothy 3:14 through 4:5, Paul is writing to Timothy giving instructions on how people ought to conduct themselves in church. The instructions are for Timothy so he may lead the church while Paul is away.

Paul says the church should be the pillar and foundation of truth. The leader of the church should take care of the family of God in a respectful way by being faithful and a good overseer of their spiritual needs.

The photo above is worship time for the students at Abilene Christian University. The worship leaders create passion, enthusiasm, and purpose by mixing the mysteries of the Spirit with knowledge for the mind. They pray, receive directions, and desire to present it to others for the purpose of building up the house of the Lord.

The core or great mystery of Christianity is that Jesus came to live on earth in the flesh, supported by the Spirit, seen by many, talked about around the world, and then taken back in glory. So God became flesh on earth with the purpose of giving wisdom and truth to all who would pay attention.

For faith to truly take hold and make a difference in our life, we need to be rooted in Christ. We need to accept Jesus as the wonderful teacher who explains the way to being set free with truth for you and for me. By being rooted in Christ, we will flourish with a pure heart, good conscience, and sincere faith. We will also be protected from being led astray by false teachers.

Lord, this day Your Word is becoming ingrained in who we are. We are patient for Your power to work through us and know that life is designed for eternity. We may not be perfect now but are heading toward that realization because we are rooted in Your Word. Our frustration is reduced, our concentration is better, and our enthusiasm grows day by day for Your return. Today, we have a new freedom, energy, and purpose because of Your love for us. Amen.

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