Powerful Words

This day with God, let us take in the encouragement, instruction, and guidance from His Word. In 1 Timothy 2:8-15, adverbs are used to help describe the actions we should take. Adjectives are used giving color in order to paint a clear picture of the words written.

One take away from today’s passage is that words are powerful. This day with God, be encouraged and live with enthusiasm. Live each day knowing He is with you always and with excitement in knowing the future with Him will be beyond what you could imagine.

For many, one controversy from today’s passage might be the role of women brought out at the end of the passage. This role has changed tremendously since Paul’s time. Women are now taking on leadership roles running billion dollar business and organizations.

One young lady that has become a role model for young girls is Sadie Robertson the daughter of Willie Robertson of the reality TV show “Duck Dynasty”. She wrote a New York Times bestselling book about faith and Christian values called “Live Original” and tours around the country encouraging young people and their families.

The picture below was taken a few years ago at the Sadie Robertson Live Original in San Antonio. The picture is of the Christian band “Love & the Outcome”.

Love & The Outcome in San Antonio at Sadie Robertson’s Live Original

This day with You God, we are thankful for the words in the picture above that affirms who we are “Your Child”.  Words are so powerful because they direct our life. They can tear down relationships or build them up. We ask for wisdom in using the right words today at the right time to give a lift to others in their time of need. Amen.

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