Faith and Integrity

The goal is loving God and His people. Reading in 1 Timothy 1:18 through 2:7, to meet the goal requires following God’s plan for us which is a meshing of a pure heart and a good conscience. Accepting Jesus and then carrying out the daily activities that meet the goal.

The TRUTH of the law provides a road map to our destination and a relationship with Christ provides the power to get us there. If you know you are doing what needs to be done, then your faith is stronger and can be a weapon in the fight against the things that are obstacles along the Way.

God desires that all know the TRUTH and the power of a relationship with Christ to win our battles. Because of Christ, we have unlimited access to God through prayer. As we pray, we will be shown the Way and how to overcome the obstacles to ultimate victory.

Lord, this day with You will be amazing because prayer mixed with faith gives growth to all good thoughts, ideas, and plans.  To get places and accomplish things that matter, we know the importance of taking the path You have laid. Your Way to TRUTH and the power we receive in accepting Christ has given us the faith and integrity needed to gain our victory. Amen.


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