Our Hope

As explained in Micah 7, the world was in an unhealthy spiritual condition. The rulers demanded gifts, judges accepted bribes, and corruption was like an out of control cancer. It was so bad, people could put no trust in human relationships. Sons and daughters rebelled against parents, spouses fought against each other, and neighbors turned against each other.

Even in this time of rampant sin, Micah’s attitude towards his relationship with God was one of hope. He believed that God would bring the world out of the darkness and into the light. We now know that what Micah believed in would come about in God’s Plan through Jesus Christ.

Every Christmas Eve, my church has a candlelight service. Below is a photo captured while each person holds a lighted candle in their hand representing the light of Christ!

Our growing faith is never depleted because each time we share the gospel message, the light of Christ shines brighter.

Our hope today is in Christ whose pardon erases guilt. We are thankful that His power changes our attitude from negative to positive. Your purpose on the Cross transforms our sorrows into brighter tomorrows.  Today Lord we have no fear because of our trust in Your protection. Your promise is to provide for our needs and believe You will secure daily victories. Amen.

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