Higher Power

Reading in 2 Corinthians 12:1-10, Paul was content even in difficulty because it was during these times that he was dependent on the Lord and would receive a power greater than any earthly power. The lesson for us is that the Lord brings balance into our life so rejoice even in tough times because He will work to remove the obstacles we face. We will be made stronger in order to handle life’s difficult situations.

Embrace the wonder of God’s power and learn to be patient. Maintain the passion by living in God’s Spirit and Truth. Think of an airplane. It is the air resistance that lifts the plane higher much like the resistance we face in life that lifts us to new heights.

Be inspired by people like Walt Disney who was fired at a newspaper because he was not creative enough. By people like Henry Ford who went broke four times before he started Ford Motors. By people like Sylvester Stallone who was homeless at one point in his life as he struggled to make ends meet as an actor. Then he not only was the actor but also wrote all the “Rocky” and “Rambo” movies.

Like Paul, we can be content with weaknesses. Whatever situation we get into is not beyond help and actually creates an opportunity for God’s greater power to be put to work.

It is during difficulty,
That we need patience
And to accept Christ
As our acquaintance.

For it is through Him
That we receive grace
And we can step ahead
At an amazingly fast pace.

Like the first snow of winter that covers the rough ground created from drought and erosion, God’s grace covers the rough spots along our journey through life to smooth out the path.

Snow in Waco 2-4-11

This day with you Lord, we have faith that You will provide the resources we need to get through anything. We grow stronger even in weakness as we read Your Word, meet in our groups, praise You with song, and memorize scripture. These activities make us stronger in order to handle stressful situations. We are grateful for this power in Jesus name. Amen.

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