Spiritual Weapons

Paul addresses the people in 2 Corinthians 10:1-6 which includes false teachers who believed more in the power of worldly methods and practices rather than spiritual power from God. The war Paul is fighting is a spiritual war and the weapons were spiritual in nature. Rather than the weapons of physical wars like horse and chariot, Paul’s weapons included spiritual weapons like faith, hope, and love.

The enemy is Satan who uses negative thoughts of this world like unbelief, despair, and hate as weapons. Our purpose as followers of Christ are to make sure these negatives are replaced with the positives from the Lord.  In so doing, more are ready to be brought to Christ and the enemy no longer has control over them.

This day with You Lord, we have a life transforming relationship with You. The things of this world do not control us. On a journey from here to there, you will take our personal strengths and turn them into more than we can imagine. This day, our prayer is to share. Initiate in our heart the desire to write words that give hope in a time of despair, courage in a time of doubt, and love in a time of hate. Amen.


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