Give with Enthusiasm and Thanksgiving

The principles in 2 Corinthians 9 include giving from the heart, being a cheerful giver, and expecting to be abundantly blessed by God. It all starts by being focused on the needs of others and being faithful to fulfilling commitments.

We should give with enthusiasm and thanksgiving. Let God initiate in our heart the eagerness and enthusiasm toward giving. Let the gift of Christ inspire in us the desire to give as a thanksgiving to God.

We reap what we sow therefore if we sow generously, we will reap generously (v. 6) so give from the heart and be a cheerful giver (v. 7). Then God will bless abundantly (v. 8). 

Lord, this day we believe that investing in people’s needs provides for a bountiful harvest. Help us to see these needs today and initiate in our heart the desire to plant seeds generously. Help us to see the opportunities to express our gratitude for what you have blessed us with. Help us to examine our priorities, to enlarge our expectations, and do great things for You. Amen.


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