Encourage and Affirm

Build up the house of the Lord today by encouraging and affirming others. The way you treat them, what you say, and how you encourage and affirm others makes them want what you have. Then those who are blessed this day with God will be multiplied.

Step Ahead

The following poem inspired from the song Words by Hawk Nelson.

There will be days
Of frustration
When your hard work
Leads to aggravation
And some may question
Your qualifications
But if you continue
To treat others
With complete respect
And encourage others
Like sisters and brothers
You will get further.
So follow God’s way
And things will be okay.
Give an encouraging word
And others will be spurred.
Fill them up in their youth
With words of God’s truth.
Not breaking them down
But offering the crown;
The crown of victory,
A person of history,
Whose reach is broad
As a child of God.

Poem by Mark Shields – © 03-28-2019

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