All-Surpassing Power

Paul had to go through much discouragement in overcoming false teachers who deceived others so they could brag about their own achievements. Explained in the study of 2 Corinthians 4:1-15  is that Paul received the ministry of sharing the Good News of the gospel through God’s mercy.

The gospel sheds light on the glory of Christ who is the image of God. The light shines out of darkness into our hearts and overflows into the world around us. Like Paul, we may go through discouragement and hardship but because of Jesus in our heart, we have an all-surpassing power.

We may face pressure but are not crushed; face confusion but never desperation; persecution but never abandoned; struck down, but never destroyed. In our experiences at school, work, and among our family and friends we receive this all-surpassing power from God to handle the difficulties faced.

So this day with God, be mindful of the power of love through Christ. Your faith always gives hope and you will always be a champion in God’s eye. These positive characteristics given to you because of Christ will keep you steadily going toward your destination as you enthusiastically head toward your great reward.

Lord this day, we realize that we will never be 100% prepared for what life may bring our way. Like what happened to Paul, people will let us down and the race of life will make us tired. We just have to keep running and know that You will be there with open arms as we cross the finish line victoriously. In Jesus name, amen.

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