True Reward

David was up in age when writing Psalms 37 and his experiences in life qualified him to give us an informed comparison between the righteous life and the wicked life.

The righteous obtain the true reward while the wicked may enjoy fleeting success but ultimately wither and die. The righteous are rewarded with peace and prosperity while the wicked endure heartaches and destruction.

God delivers the righteous because He loves the just and faithful. He blesses those whose ways are upright because they follow Him. Salvation is for the righteous because they take refuge in Him. They trust and obey and realize that His way is the best way.

Those who accept His way have a bright future and that thought affects how they live out each day. God is their stronghold as they enjoy great peace. They enjoy plenty even during tough times and their steps are on firm ground. Their children prosper and their reward is long term.

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This day with You Lord, we confess that not all of our choices in the past were good ones but those choices were short term. Our choice to follow Your way is long term. Help us to keep our eye on the true reward. The life of Christ changed everything for us because the reward is obtainable. Today we can celebrate because of this Good News and keep looking toward a future that is beyond what we could ever imagine. Amen.


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