Orderly Worship

In the passage 1 Corinthians 14:20-40, Paul gives some rules concerning conduct in the worship service. Everything is done in a fitting and orderly way to build up the church. Discussed is the gift of tongues which is not forbidden but considered by Paul to be less important than the gift of prophecy.

Speaking in tongues was practiced by many of the new believers because they enjoyed seeing God’s divine power at work as it was displayed in spectacular ways. Prophesy in turn was considered more important by Paul because believers were instructed and encouraged.

With God’s plan of the church, each member carries out their role in a fitting and orderly way to transform members into the likeness of Jesus Christ. The mission is to put hell out of business one person at a time using the resources of the church.

Worship Service at First United Methodist Church Waco Texas. I took this picture while working with the Media team.

This day with You Lord, we pray for keeping a balance between respect for our traditional ways of worship and innovations related to the contemporary generation. The ultimate mission is to transform people into the likeness of Jesus Christ. Amen.


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