The Qualities of Love

The spiritual gifts of speaking in tongues, prophecy, and giving are mentioned in 1 Corinthians 13 but there are three higher spiritual gifts revealed also. They are faith, hope, and love. They are considered superior because without them, the other gifts are useless.

Love is the greatest God given gift. More superior to the skills given to accumulate vast riches as a famous person, a celebrity, or great athlete. Think of ways to plant seeds of faith, hope, and love; producing fruit for not only yourself, but for others.

Neighborly love includes being peaceful, useful, humble, thinking highly of others, being positive, hopeful, and persistent. The example we have of someone who demonstrates love is Christ and the more we follow His example, the more love we will show others.

This day with You Lord, our mood is lifted by the positive affirmation You have given us on the Cross. This demonstrated Your love for us that builds up and never tears apart. This love is available to us and we can make it available to others. You have big plans for each of us as we allow the love You have given to us to overflow from our heart so it returns unconditionally to others. Amen.

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